Long ago, the Aevyrian empire stretched over the entire continent of Nexur. The continent, once the birthplace of this great civilization, now serves as its graveyard and memorial. Abandoned for as long as historical records stretch, its land s have long been reclaimed by wilderness. Their once great fortifications now nothing but ruins, bountiful fields turned into dark forests or monster infested swamps.

No longer, however, will Nexur lack the guiding hand of civilization. A combined effort of Dwarves, Elves and Humans has led to the founding of Dawnport, a magnificant port city situated on the coast of Nexus and on near equal distance from the three factions.

Aside from the agreement on recolonization, and a handful of trade regulations, trust is a scarce commodity between the three factions. It has been decreed that no one faction should control a majority of any armed presence on the continent until Nexur has been reclaimed and fairly divided. To this end Dawnport has become a haven for mercenaries and adventurers, some with allegiance to one of the Great Three, some with their own goals and ambitions.

There are those who follow the path of the adventurer for personal gains, some do it in service to a greater power, and yet others adventure because they are lured by the call of the unknown. Whichever one you are, Dawnport beckons.


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